Call to Enid People

I received an email with a request of Enid folks.  If anyone could help out, it would be much appreciated!

“Thanks for building this site.

I have a request to Enid residents. I’ve been spending time researching Enid history and trying to improve Enid’s presence on the site. The town has such a rich, fascinating history that I’m not sure everyone is aware of. At least, going through Enid schools, I wish I would have learned all these little tidbits in class.

While I make the best efforts to write and improve articles, since I no longer live in Oklahoma, there is one thing I cannot do…take photographs! There needs to be better pictures uploaded to wikimedia commons. So many Enid Wikipedia articles lack photographs:,_Oklahoma

A good place to start would be our 16 national register historic sites:,_Oklahoma

This is where photos can be uploaded. They have to be original pictures in which the photographer is ok with releasing it into the public domain.,_Oklahoma

I’d love it if you could put out a request to your readers.