Baconalia 2010 Recap

So, Enid (and Oklahoma’s) first bacon festival was a success. Over 450 people from all over the state enjoyed the over 600 pounds of bacon and revelry at Baconalia 2010.

We crowned a Miss Piggy Princess and a Ms. Piggy, heard some crazy and creative hog calls, and witnessed the debacle of the bacon eating contest, won by Eric Winscher.  We also made a lot of new friends.

Baconalia received statewide coverage and even made an appearance in the Oklahoma business newspaper, The Journal Record.  Quite impressive for a first time event.

The goal of the Baconalia organizers was to bring people to Enid that wouldn’t normally come here and considering the vast majority of attendees were from other cities, that goal was handily accomplished.  Baconalia received a Mayor’s Excellence Award from the City of Enid for its efforts and we are truly grateful for the City allowing us the opportunity to have the festival in the first place and for everyone that helped and attended.  Next year will be even better!

Enjoy some of the photos from that glorious day in Enid history:

But one small bit of the 800 pounds we bought...

This photo was from one of the attendees - titled "This is what's in God's ice chest."

Some of the ladies vying for the Ms. Piggy crown.

Bob & Eli Berry enjoying their meaty treats.

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