E-magination Enid Free School

The free school concept is one of “by the community for the community.”

It’s the sharing of skills and knowledge at no cost with no hierarchy. Free school is meant to be an offering and receiving of information amongst all ages, genders, races, religions, etc. in order to weave a rich tapestry of diversity and learning. Classes may be anything from making pot holders to small engine repair to beginning Spanish or even how to change a tire.

If someone has a skill they would like to teach or knowledge they would like to impart, we will facilitate the organization and promotion of the class.

We have had classes on Oklahoma ghost towns, beginning gardening, and various art projects.

Contact us at info@iloveenid.com if you have a skill you would like to teach.

3 thoughts on “E-magination Enid Free School

  1. I could certainly teaach a class on how to live and enjoy eatting on a low sodium diet, having been on one for about 30 years. I eat out, cook all kinds of foods, and enjoy it! No pity party here!

  2. I was interested in being a wand vendor at your Harry Potter Convention.

    Vendor spaces are available for $50 per space and they are encouraging all kinds of vendors, so if you are interested, please let them know at info@iloveenid.com.

    I am interested. My company name is the Wizard’s Workshoppe. I can also perform magic for the event if you have a need for such services…

    I can be contacted at 580-402-3330, tstar2000@att.net or malaki.swanson@gmail.com.

    I look forward to working with you!

    David Swanson, aka Malaki Dracwin

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