GAP – Garfield Advocates for Progress

Garfield Advocate for Progress


GAP – Garfield Advocates for Progress – is the campaign committee for the Garfield County, Oklahoma Liquor by the Drink on Sundays initiative that will be on the ballot on October 8, 2013.

Currently Garfield County does not allow restaurants or bars to sell any alcoholic drink other than 3.2 beer on Sundays.  Conservatively, restaurants lose approximately 40% of their revenue when not allowed to sell liquor or strong beer on Sundays.  Because of this antiquated law, Enid and Garfield County have lost several restaurants.  In the economic development world, it’s simply too much of a risk for many of them to take.

And more than anything, this is an economic development issue.

Passing this initiative would mean more restaurants, jobs, sales tax revenue, and ad valorem tax revenue for Enid and Garfield County.

This is not about drinking.

If people want to drink on Sundays, they can already buy as many beers as they want or they’re stocking up at the liquor stores on Saturday. The people that will take advantage of this change in the law are not menaces to society. Many of them are out of town visitors, convention goers, or people who simply have a day off on Sunday. It’s an antiquated law that is costing Enid and Garfield County money, restaurants, and jobs.

People have an odd theory that if we stay in the dark ages and never do anything different or new it will somehow protect our small town from the outside world and “big city” life. But the truth is, failure to progress is not protecting anyone; it’s doing a huge disservice to the community and future generations. People are afraid progress will make Enid bigger but fail to realize that Enid can grow up maturity wise without growing out size wise. We don’t have to be mediocre – we deserve to give ourselves more than that.

It will take a lot of doing to get the word out and to get the numbers to the poll, so if you would like to see this initiative passed, please help the cause by making a donation by clicking the button below.  Thank you for your support.

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