Comet Go-Carts


A long time staple of Enid fun, Comet G0-Carts offers up some fast fun.  Comet go Carts has 2 Tracks..Fast Track for riders 54 inches and above.. And their Mini track for ages 3yrs to 54 inches tall.  They also have a double seat go cart on their Mini Track.

Rides are approx 4 minutes long…Fast Track $5.00 a ride or 3 rides for $12.00…Mini Track $4.00 a ride or 2 rides for $6.00 are the Specials.


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3 thoughts on “Comet Go-Carts

  1. I think I’d give Comet Go-Carts a call and ask them about it. I Love Enid posted their phone number for you up above. You realize that I Love Enid has no affiliation with the business right?

  2. I love Enid…Thank you for the informative article…..Last year we had a change in prices….. would it be to much trouble to post new info

    Big Track $5.00 a ride or 3 rides 12.00
    Mini Track $4.00 a ride or 2 rides for 6.00

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