Splash Pads

Enid has two splash pads for free summer fun!  Complete with bucket dumps, cannon sprayers, and restrooms.  One splash pad is known as Champion Splash Pad and is located at Champion Park. Champion Park is located at the corners of 10th and Chestnut. Enid’s second splash pad, known as the Hoover Splash Pad is located on West Oklahoma Street just off of South Hoover.

Location (Hoover Splash Pad):

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Location (Champion Splash Pad):

4 thoughts on “Splash Pads

  1. Enid needs more splash pads and maybe one with slides even if you charge a fee and/or donation for admission.

  2. We’re going to try to work some more in.
    We tried to pass a park bond to build a water park and it was voted down.

  3. Have visited the splash pads and see the massive amount of garbage cans but also see a lack of respect with garbage, cigarette butts, bottle caps everywhere. Worked at an elementary school and found the same slothful teachings of the youth of today in those classrooms. Real pathetic to see signs with “no smoking” and cigarette butts blanketing the entire park.

  4. I completely agree. It’s the same at some of the other parks and it’s very disheartening.

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