The Vikathlon Regatta

The Vikathlon Regatta is the boat building/sailing portion of the Vikathlon.  This will consist of building a boat from specific materials as outlined below (wait for it…) and sailing it on Meadowlake.  This is for Vikings – it doesn’t matter that it’s gross.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in disqualification.

Eligibility. Anyone over the age of 18 shall be eligible to participate in the Regatta. People under 18 must have signed consent from a parent or legal guardian.  Proper ID must be shown at the time of Check-In.

Registration Requirements.  Each boat must be given a name.  This name may be changed at a later date; however, one must be provided at the time of Registration to assist in bookkeeping.

On-line Registration will begin on March 1, 2013 and end Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at noon.  Failure to register by this deadline will mean that you will be unable to participate in the Regatta.

On the day of the Regatta, each team Captain must Check-In before 12:00 PM.  Failure to do so will result in elimination from the competition.  The team will be provided with announcements and information concerning their boat.  They must, at that time, provide positive identification and signed Release Forms* for all members (including Captain, Boat Crew and all Land Crew members).

You must bring printed, signed copies of the Release Forms with you.  Copies will not be available on the day of the event.  All members who require parent/guardian authorization on Release Forms (generally anyone under the age of 18 and certain other individuals) must provide a signed, notarized copy of the Release Form with the parent/guardian signature.  Please allow adequate time to obtain proper signatures if this is the case.

The Boats and The Races.  The races are divided into two subgroups -

Skute:  Any boat crewed solely by one person. ($20 entry fee)

Longship:  Any boat crewed by two to four people. ($45 entry fee)

Materials.  The following are approved materials for building the boats:

Duct Tape
Paint (Not Epoxy or Oil based)
Paraffin Wax
Cloth, only to be used in sails.
White Casein Glue (e.g. Elmer’s white glue, NOT wood glue)

The following materials are strictly prohibited:

Styrofoam, in any shape or form
Milk Crates
Contact Paper
Anything not listed in the approved materials list.

You may bring questionable materials to the Vikathlon Committee for final approval.

All materials used or intended to be used must be listed on your registration form. Failure to list materials that you used will result in disqualification. If there is doubt that you will use a material, list it anyway. There will be no penalty for *not* using a material that you listed.

Construction.  Construction space will be provided on site on the day of the Regatta.  Any group choosing to construct their boat in advance shall not do so in a manner that would cause members of the community undue inconvenience.

Design.  Design is an element of the Regatta’s judging, including: appearance, apparent sea-worthiness, originality, and costumes worn by the crew.

While crews may design their boat in any way they choose, extra points will be awarded for keeping with the theme (Vikings).

Boats built in contradiction to the theme will not be considered for Best Of Show.


The maximum length overall for any boat shall be 20 feet.
The maximum beam (breadth) for any boat shall be 15 feet.
The minimum volume of the boat shall be 3 cubic feet per crew member.

Propulsion.  Paddles, for the exclusive use of rowing, may be of any material, and may be prefabricated. No sharp edges are allowed.  All paddles will be inspected and must be of a reasonable size.  Paddles will not be provided.

Sails are allowed, provided the sail area is no greater than one hundred (100) square feet.

Use of the bottom for means of propulsion is strictly prohibited.  This includes walking, “pushing off” with paddles, and poling/punting (as in using long poles to push yourself across the pond).

Repairs.  The crew may only use one boat for the entire duration of the Regatta. Repairs are allowed between heats; however, all repair materials must be in your original materials list, and the committee is allowed to inspect and approve all repairs being made.

The Crew.

The captain, who must actually pilot the boat.

In the Longship class, up to 3 others as crew.

A land crew to aid in getting the boat in the water. The land crew may consist of no more than 6 people other than those actually crewing the boat.

Safety.  Life preservers must be worn by all crew members riding in the boat.

Footwear (sneakers, shoes, boots) must be worn by all those entering the water. No sandals will be allowed.

No person (crew or otherwise) may be attached to the boat in any way; that is, if the boat sinks, all persons must be able to float free.  This includes, but is not limited to: no taping oneself to the boat, no strapping oneself to the boat, no footholds that extend to the top of the foot, and no occupancy of enclosed cabins.

No projectiles, spikes, explosives, or other implements of destruction may be used; nor any action, direct or indirect, shall be made to cause damage or hindrance to the other boats, or in any way endanger any other person, be they spectator or racer.

There will be lifeguards and security personnel at the event. It is mandatory that all participants and spectators give them their full cooperation.

Any person or group who violates any law or the policies set by the Vikathlon Committee while at the event or preparing for the event will be unwelcome at the event and subject to removal from the event site. This includes but is not limited to: pushing other people into the water, entering the pond without a lifejacket, “practicing” in the lake or using boats in the pond at any time except during the event.

Regatta Procedures.

Each class will be run in a separate series of heats. The fastest times in each will be used to determine which boats participate in the final heat. The number of entries in the preliminary heats will determine how many boats are in the finals. This will be determined by the committee after registration ends.

At the start of each heat the boat will be suspended above the water until the start signal is given.  At this time, the boat may then be lowered into the water and the crew may enter the boat and begin their journey to the finish line.

The Skute class will run first, followed by the Longship class heats.  The final heat for each will be run in the end to allow more time for repairs to be made.

At the end of the regatta, your boat and any pieces from your boat must be disposed of properly. Failure to do so by any team will result in forfeiture of any prizes, and the group in question shall be barred from competing in subsequent Regattas. Your team may also be fined for littering.  A dumpster will be provided for disposal purposes.

Judging.  All decisions of the executive officers and the official judges are final.

Best Of Show Category.

Boats are to be judged on design, appearance, apparent sea-worthiness, and originality.

The appearance category can include consideration for costumes worn by the crew.

Boats built in contradiction to the theme will not be considered for Best of Show.

Prizes.  Trophies shall be awarded to the top three of each category.

The Odin Cup shall be given to the Longship Class winner.

The Thor Cup shall be awarded to the Skute Class winner.

The Vikathlon Cup shall be awarded to the Best of Show.

*** Notice to All Participants****

All boats must be walked into the lake region or built on site.  Cars are not permitted in the area.

Notes: * Sections Excerped from New York State Collegiate Rowing Association, ROWING RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.  These rules modeled after the Roth Regatta.

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