The Viking Day Vikathlon






 Build a boat, pillage a village, and sail the sea!

OK, the boats are made out of cardboard and duct tape and the village is really some woods at the park and the sea is really Meadowlake, but hey, we gotta work with what we got, right?

The Viking Day Vikathlon will consist of several Vikingesque events throughout the day of Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Meadowlake Park in Enid, Oklahoma.  Why Viking Day, you may ask? Why not?

The day will consist of several different games and feats of strength and will feature some interesting and educational Viking facts and lore.  It will be a family friendly event that will culminate in the Vikathlon Regatta (boat race) on Meadowlake.

Of course no Viking event would be complete without a fiery funeral pyre at the end…

So, get your best Viking gear together and start plotting to pillage.  Assemble your crew and brush up on your cardboard boat building skills.

More details to follow.

Valhalla, here we come!

6 thoughts on “The Viking Day Vikathlon

  1. I am really looking forward to this event. My daughters name is Valhalla and i hardly find anyone that knows much about the Vikings or Norse mythology. I think its a great idea whoever came up with it! Thanks!

  2. It kind of came about as a fluke, but we went with it and think it will be fun! Tell all your friends!!!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I want details on the boats so that my kids can get started building and testing theirs!

  4. I have a history book on Vikings, am a Viking by Heritage and think this is a most awesome idea! How fun! Axe throwing and other such feats were great contests! Along with some tamer things, such as gardening, tent building, etc. Dorthy

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